of flotation tank

Suffer from anxiety? Try a sensory deprivation tank | Life ... Zeiger has operated a flotation tank service in New York since 1985, and runs the only commercial flotation business that has survived since the last time flotation was in . Flotation Therapy - aplacetofloat The first float tank was created by John C. Lilly in 1954 to conduct sensory deprivation research. These first tanks required the use of a mask and tight-fitting clothing, which may have prevented patients from fully experiencing sensory deprivation or zero gravity. Despite these minor design flaws, it was not long before this type of therapy ... Sensory Deprivation • Float Tank • Awaken For Wellness We are proud to bring to floating therapy to St. Paul for the first time. Awaken for Wellness uses only state-of-the-art float tanks. Float Tank | Inspire Health & Wellness Spa Floating is the act of utilizing a "float tank", also known as a "sensory deprivation chamber". It is most often used as a method for relaxation, pain relief and to .    Read More

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